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MINMIDT officials take ownership of their organizational chart

Seminaire organigramme ensemble


During a two-days seminar intended for MINMIDT officials held from 29th to 30th August 2013 at the Yaounde Mansel Hotel.

The two days eventually proved very short to fully examine issues proposed for the training program, with regard to the importance and relevance of the teachings delivered. Facilitators were highly qualified and the teaching media clear and precise. Both factors were crucial in creating a friendly atmosphere which enabled participants to discuss frankly about their daily professional concerns.

As a matter of fact, being the main stakeholder in the mining, industrial and technological development of the country, MINMIDT has implemented concrete actions with a view to producing tangible and efficient results. These actions include a new organizational chart which was adopted by Decree No. 2012/401 of 1st October 2012 on the organization of this ministry, poor mastery of some job descriptions, which often results in underperformance in public administrations, were some major reasons why it became necessary to take ownership of the reforms commanded by the Head of State. According to Mr. Ngah Asse, speaking on behalf of the participants, “We were initially expecting that the seminar would be a line-by-line study of the organizational chart. But that was not the case, since the scope of the training program outreached our expectations”. It was an opportunity for MINMIDT senior officials to receive training on human resource management and the missions assigned to each work station.

Two days eventually proved to be a short period for discussing all the above issues which will surely help MINMIDT officials to improve their performance. During practical exercises, participants were able to identify some of their individual professional practices and habits which are expected to change after this training. The Secretary General of MINMIDT who was presiding over the seminar laid special emphasis on the importance of this training. To that effect, he clearly explained that through this training program, the Minister wanted his collaborators to fully understand the historic evolution of MINMIDT's missions and organizational chart, the challenges and stakes of the new organizational chart, the cohabitation of several organizational systems within the said organizational chart, in order to enable it meet its challenges.

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